The State-Recognized International Schools Kinder Haus and Kinder College were founded in Bologna in 1969 by Dolores Amadei Abate and Federica Marianti di Pergola.

Dolores Amadei Abate was for ten years head of the Italian section of the Vilfredo Pareto International High School in Losanne (Switzerland) and is the author of:“Insegno in I Elementare” (“Teaching First Elementary Courses”),“Insegno in II Elementare” (“Teaching Second Elementary Courses”),“Insegno in III Elementare” (“Teaching Third Elementary Courses”),“Insegno in IV Elementare” (“Teaching Fourth Elementary Courses”)“Insegno in V Elementare” (“Teaching Fifth Elementary Courses”) 5.700 pages in 8 volumes, Atlas Editions (Eight teaching manuals for Elementary school Teachers)

“Guida pratica alle attivita’ educative” (“Practical Hints on Teaching”) 360 pages, La Scuola Editions

“Un nido per bambini”(“A Children’s Playschool”) 150 pages, Armando Armando

These are all standard works on child education on which our teaching pattern has always been based.

These guides have won several prices and have had thirteen re-prints, having been adopted as standard reference works by the Italian School System.

In addition she was official tutor to the House of Savoy in Geneva, where she taught Italian culture to Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and his Cousin Elisabeth of Balkany.