Multilinguism with native speaking teachers

Cosmopolitanism and Internationalism (Integration while maintaining one’s own culture

Italian Language Instruction

We never forget Italian Language and culture, which are always our basic points of reference

Maximum attention to Scientific Education

Arts, other subjects and sports in the open air

A single, organic pattern of studies, coherently and progressively conceived from two to fourteen years of age.

Exams at the end of each school-year to:

1)    Monitor the achievement level

2)    To allow foreign students to catch up with others in the program

3)    To provide complete flexibility to any pupil who needs to transfer or to take exams abroad.

Constant and regular links between Parents and teachers

Private classes in the afternoon

Individual afternoon classes, suited to the level of achievement of each student.

Trips and experience of living abroad

Flexible lesson times (Every day 7:30 to 18:30)

Place of Campus: We are three minutes away from the city centre, but surrounded by the verdure of the Bolognese foothills, where the students can breathe uncontaminated fresh air and, from spring onwards, can take part in lessons amid natural surroundings.

For Italian Pupils

To develop openness to the rest of the world, not just via travel, but via serious study of other cultures and languages, using a coherent and well-tried method.


Our foreign teachers give classes in their native languages but always giving central importance to the official Italian School programme.

In the bilingual programme half of the classes are held in the foreign language. The basis however is always our culture and our language.


For Foreign Pupils

To move here should not be traumatic but should constitute a splendid cultural adventure. Every pupil will be welcomed into the school family and we will go out of our way to soften the impact of the new culture.

The native language of the pupil will be preserved and enriched.

In concomitance, Italian language classes will be inserted as appropriate and in coherent and gradual stages, English language instruction.
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