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Kinder Haus, the first Italian primary and middle school to develop a partnership with Beijing

The news is very recent: our Director Ms Kika Marianti di Pergola succeeded in her mission in the Chinese capital. At the middle of July she began her journey to the amazing country of China, meeting the cultural association Confucio and Professor Xu Yumin (the present director of the office in Bologna) in Beijing. The result of this very important intercultural trip has been the agreement signed with the Shijiathuang Foreign Language School. The agreement officially begins a partnership between the two schools aiming at building a bridge between two extremely rich, complex and historically important cultures: Italy and China. The partnership represents a key achievement for Kinder Haus, since it is the first Italian primary school to develop a cooperation with a Chinese school. This is a great opportunity in terms of education, intellectual growth and cultural exchange which at present is not offered by any other primary school in Italy. Kinder Haus is extremely proud of its achievement and it is increasingly aware of the importance of developing exchange programmes and international partnerships, starting from the study of languages for a cosmopolitan and multilingual perspective.

Kinder Haus has a new website!

After months of hard work, here it is the new Kinder Haus website. A new design, new colours and new sections make the website more active and interactive, ready to be shared and visited. The website is available in three languages: Italian – English – Chinese. It is an important tool both for those who still do not know our school and for those who attend it every day. On our new website you can find photos and videos, new sections focused on methods and programmes, arts, sports, the summer camp, experiences abroad, and many contents, information and news on the school always up to date and to be shared through Facebook and Twitter.

Our students learn with the iPad

At the beginning of the new school year, we began a pilot project which brought the iPad inside the classroom. From September our students are using the well-known tablet to study all scientific subjects (biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics and many others) taught by English teachers. This is very important news: according to recent studies, the use of the iPad during the learning process will improve the cognitive skills of children, even in the long term. For example, it seems that children who used the iPad (even in pre-school age) to play with educational games, developed cognitive skills and learning abilities 27% higher than children who did not use it. Moreover and on the contrary of what many people think, the use of the iPad seems to increase student's attention and interest for the subjects studied, thanks to the interactive features of the touch screen. For all these reasons, Kinder Haus decided to introduce this educational innovation to study important subjects such as the scientific ones, expecting great results in terms of learning for its students.